Get into ketosis and teach your body to burn fat for energy. 

Expert coaching from someone who has been where you are now with the support of an incredible community who will be with you every step of the way.

In 2016 I made a discovery that radically changed the course of my life (and my career).

And I know it has the power to radically change your life for the better too.

The knowledge I uncovered helped me move from being officially obese to my ideal weight in just 6 months. Not only was I lighter on the scales, I had much more energy and I was enjoying food more than ever.

Let food be thy medicine - Hippocrates

Forget coronavirus for a minute, we have a pandemic of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes that has been growing pretty much since governments across the western world introduced the deeply flawed Low Fat, High Carbohydrate dietary guidelines back in the 1970s.

So what could I do? I quit my day job to go freelance so I could start looking at different ways to solve the obesity pandemic while staying up to date with my medical training. 

In late 2017 I started to put together what has now become The Carb Dodging Foundation Programme and from there I started releasing free content on YouTube, which I suspect is where we first met.

I know you know how to lose weight

You've probably done it many times before. 

Does this story sound familiar?

You've seen yourself in a photograph and you don't like what you see. You normally try to avoid the camera because you've been here before. 

You jump on the scales and realise that your weight has gone up more than you thought it had. 

Your clothes have been getting tighter but you've been resisting buying the next size up. You've got an entire section of your wardrobe that doesn't fit anymore (but you hope you'll be able to fit into them at some point).

You announce to yourself: enough is enough! You've been told many times that losing weight is as simple as creating a calorie deficit. You just need to eat less, and/or move more. And so your diet starts.

For the first few weeks things are going great. You're losing weight! You CAN DO THIS! This time it's going to be different. This pattern continues for a few weeks. Your friends and colleagues start to notice. You're really pleased with your progress. 

But something starts to change, you wake up feeling more tired than you should be. You still go to the gym, but you've not got as much energy as you had before.

Annoyingly, the number on the scales isn't dropping as much as it has been. And you're starting to feel hungry.

You double down on your diet and resolve to work harder in the gym. But it gets harder and harder.

Eventually something happens. It might be a family birthday, celebratory drinks or a stressful day at work. You break your diet. You resolve to get back on it the next day, but it never happens.

The next thing you know it's several months later and you've noticed yourself in a photograph again...

You get the same feeling as before. You resolve to start over again, but this time you'll stick with it...

Reality check #1

I know you can lose weight via calorie restriction. But if you've tried and failed several times before then it's time to accept that it probably isn't going to work for you the next time you do it.

The truth is that there is another layer to this, and it isn't willpower. It isn't your fault, it never has been. It's just that there is another level to this that you might not have considered.

Thinking of weight loss and weight gain purely in terms of calories isn't enough. Your amazing human body is more complicated than that.

It's time to stop thinking about your body purely as energy in and energy out. I want you to start thinking about it as what it is... a complex structure of cells which can talk to each other via hormones and your nervous system.

It's time to start working with your body, and not against it.

The root cause of obesity is hormonal. And a hormonal problem needs a hormonal solution.

Reality check #2

Over the course of your life you've probably acquired a certain amount of metabolic damage.

This may be obvious to you because you've been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes (or pre-diabetes). I want you to start thinking about being overweight or obese as part of that same spectrum of disease, because it is. Most people who are obese are metabolically damaged. I know that can be hard to deal with for many. It took me a long time to accept this.

It’s something that fitness professionals who have always been slim and fit seem to fail to understand. They preach the same old calories in vs calories out ‘gospel’ because they've used this method to shred that final few percent of body fat to get to their 6 packs. Good for them.

But without ever really having being obese, they don't truly understand the challenges you face. 

I do!

Reality check #3

The modern world we live in is against you. Processed food is everywhere. It's far easier to become and stay obese, than it is to fight against it. Healthy choices aren't as straightforward as you think. It's time to stack the deck in your favour.

The two things that have helped me make progress in many areas of my life are:

Community - humans are social creatures. There is something amazing that happens when you become part of a community. 

Coaching - having someone to guide you along a pathway is invaluable.

Reality check #4

There is only so much you can learn from YouTube.

Don't get me wrong, I love YouTube. You can learn a lot. But it's very different from a structured programme of education. Learning stuff and truly gaining knowledge are very different things. 

I try my best to make sure my YouTube Channel gives as much value as possible, but it's limited.

Then there are people out there who are putting videos out there who value ad clicks more than quality content. And then there are people who do not understand what they're talking about. This makes it easy to waste time and lose your way.

You need one mentor you trust who can give you the information you need, when you need it. No contradictory advice, no preaching, no ulterior motives. Just a clear and simple strategy to move you forward.

I can help you with that.

Summer 2015

Summer 2016

This is why I created the Carb Dodging Success Path. 

Where are you now? And where do you want to be by the end of the programme?

Wherever you are on this success path, I can guide you.

Stage 0 - The Calorie Counter

You think you know how to lose weight. But you've failed more times than you care to remember. You're stuck in the same cycle over and over again. Frustration doesn't even begin to describe it. Quite frankly, you're completely fed up. I've been there, and had all but given up on trying to lose weight. 

Stage 1 - The Optimist

You now realise that there is a better way of going about things. That you were looking at the problem overly simplistic way. You're ready to become a carb dodger.

Stage 2 - The Beginner

You're in those first few weeks of your diet. You get into ketosis and start burning your stored fat for fuel. This is the first time you've really burned fat properly, and there are a few side effects. But you're prepared, you know how to eliminate these or at least reduce them. 

It's not uncommon to see the scales shifting pretty rapidly at this stage and you're pleased with the results.

Stage 3 - The Loser

You're through the initial phase and you're consistently losing weight. The time you spend in this phase will depend on how much you've got to lose. You learn how to integrate this way of eating with your life to make it work for you. You experiment with intermittent fasting. You're becoming fat adapted. You start to integrate exercise slowly but surely.

Stage 4 -The Staller

The path to long-term weight loss rarely runs smoothly. It's almost inevitable that you'll hit a plateau. Don't worry though, I've got your back. I know why it's happening. I'm here to guide you through it. What got you to this point, won't necessarily get you to the next.

Stage 5 - The Master

You've done it, you've achieved weight loss mastery. You've got a great understanding of your body now, and you're beginning to experiment with less restrictive ways of eating based on your new understanding of your metabolism. It's time to sustain that weight loss.

Jason (Now at Stage 5)

"This course has caused a permanent change in the way I live my life."

I was feeling terrible; I was very obese. I was 50 pounds heavier than I am now. 26 kilos heavier. I felt awful. My whole body. I just felt awful and sluggish. I'd had random pains up and down my arm. I'd already had a heart attack 14 years ago.

So I'd come to a point in my life where I was already committed to losing weight. I’d told the doctor, no drugs, so she gave me a three months kind of diet plan which was totally useless. Then I found Dan’s programme.

This course has caused a permanent change in the way I live my life.  If it had been the usual diet, then I would have gone back to the old way of eating, but now I'm educated it has proved to me that this is a brilliant course and more people should do it.

I can't get a blood test because of COVID-19. But I'll tell you now. The way I feel. I've reversed my type two diabetes, I know that. I can feel that I have got so much energy. Now I have more energy in the evening than my wife.  I am in peak health, and I'm now looking forward to old age.

Your Week By Week Guide

The programme is based around the following educational programme which supports your journey through The Carb Dodging Success Path

Week 0 - Intro Week

The purpose of intro week is to get you prepared for the journey. You will focus on building solid foundations. This step is missing in most programmes but is critical for long-term success. 

"The importance of putting in the work mentally, with the preparation work is really important."

A Carb Dodging Club Alumni

Plus, I'll be hosting the welcome party to kick things off. You don't want to miss this! (but if you do, don't panic there will be a replay).

Week 1

This week is all about learning how you can access your bodies stored fat by manipulating two key factors. What you eat, and when you eat it. You will learn how to tell when you're in ketosis. Week one is also where you start looking at the food side of things, gaining an increasing understanding of the carb content of your favourite foods.

Week 2

We're developing the ideas we learned last week, and introduce a new concept. Insulin resistance. What is it? How do we become insulin resistant? We also begin to learn how to properly formulate your meals and how to construct a well formulated ketogenic diet. We learn what it means to become fat adapted. We learn about the impact alcohol has on a ketogenic diet.

Week 3

You're hunger is probably starting to become much more under control now and some of you will be thinking about intermittent fasting. We're also looking into our livers to learn more about this amazing organ that is at the centre of our metabolism. 

Week 4

It's time to learn how to live our lives. How to eat out on a low carb diet. Strategies for surviving day to day living.

Week 5

The other really important things we need to get a handle on. Sleep, stress and exercise

Week 6

Mysth busting week! One of my favourites. We look at some of teh more common and important myths in nutrition. Is salt really bad for you? Do we actually need fibre in our diets? Does saturated fat cause heart disease, and if not, what does? Oh, and what is cholesterol anyway?

Week 7

We've focused a lot on macronutrients, it's now time to look at micronutrients. We explore how we obtain them from nutrient dense foods, and discuss wether we need to take supplements or not, and if so, which ones!

Week 8

In this final week we're talking about overcoming plateaus and how we move on to maintanance? Can your metabolism tollerate a higher carb diet again? I outline various strategies as we move forwards. 

* n.b. the curriculum may be subject to minor alterations, but only to make it even better!

Doug (Now at Stage 3)

"It's not just about the weight"

I started the programme at 105 kg. It's funny, because when you start the programme it's all about reducing that number, but it's not about that anymore.

It's not just about the weight, it's about what you can achieve. It's about your body and your mindset. I'm down to 85.5 kg. I can't fault anything, I feel really good about it.

Why is Doug holding the spare wheel from his rally car over his head? Because it weighs exactly 19kg, which was the amount Doug had lost at this point. It also represents the 'spare tyre' that is rapidly disappearing from around his waist! Doug is now looking forward to his next race with an improved power to weight ratio! (Update... Doug is now down 22.5kg... just 4kg from his goal weight.)

The Carb Dodging Foundation Programme

This is a 9 week educational and coaching programme designed to get you into ketosis, become adapted to burning fat, and fully support you on your way.

What is included in the course/programme

Video Lessons

Don't worry if you've not got a degree in biology. My superpower is making things as simple as possible. I've had loads of practice at this. I firmly believe that my primary role as a doctor is to explain complicated and confusing science in terms that anybody can understand.

Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

In these calls, you’ll have a chance to ask questions, solicit feedback, and dive deeper into your specific challenges. You’ll also get the benefit of meeting and networking with like-minded people and learn from their success as well.

The Facebook Support Group

This is actually my FAVOURITE part of the programme. Effective long-term weight loss is not just changing what you eat. Now, you will have access to support from your course-mates and experienced alumni who have walked in your shoes and know exactly what you're struggling with (and how to fix it) for 24/7 support. Never feel stuck again. This is where I want you to have a safe place to discuss updates, road bumps, and any other challenges immediately. 

Plus, as you develop your skills, you’ll invariably venture into the land of more complex weight management tactics. You may have questions, and I want to be there to answer them for you.

I think of this as the Customer Support all weight loss programmes SHOULD have, but don't.

Weekly Meal Plans

This course isn’t just about learning theory. I want you to apply everything you learn right away. These meal plans will show you how to organise what you're eating in a week so you can easily and cost effectively shop and cook simple and tasty meals with little effort and almost no kitchen skills required (£100-value)

Access to my recipe library

This is a popular part of the programme and more than one member has made their own personal cookbook by printing out their favourite recipes so they can keep cooking them after the programme ends.

Terry (stage 3)

"You got me off all my tablets"

When Terry started the programme he was on medication for high cholesterol, acid reflux, diabetes, water retention and high blood pressure. He had three different insulin pens to manage his diabetes. 

By the end of the programme, he did not need any of his medication. 

His cholesterol and blood pressure were back to normal and he is celebrating no longer ‘needing to stick any needles in myself anymore’.

The Carb Dodgers Club

Created for you by popular demand

By the time you've finished the Foundation Programme you will have all the knowledge you need to continue on your journey.

Yet when I asked the Foundation Programme graduates if they wanted support after the initial learning was over they gave me a resounding YES!!!

Just like gold medal athletes continue to work with their coach, the Carb Dodgers wanted to stay at the top of their game too. I worked with the alumni from the first round of the Foundation Programme and created The Carb Dodgers Club.

The Carb Dodgers Club is about implementing newly gained knowledge into your life, whilst getting the support from me and fellow Foundation Programme alumni.

You graduate into The Carb Dodgers Club at the end of the Foundation programme.

What do you get in the club?


You'll have formed close bonds with your fellow course mates during the Foundation Programme, you get to continue this AND meet others who have been through the programme for more ongoing support and a fantastic community!

I'm constantly amazed by the community we have built, how unconditionally supportive of everyone's efforts they are.

Coaching Calls

You won't need these in the same way you did in the first few weeks, but it's inevitable that more questions will come up from time to time that you need guidance on. Typically, these revolve around the issues of hitting plateaus or around maintenance.

There is a morning and and evening call twice a month in The Carb Dodgers Club.

Group Fasting Sessions

Some people are comfortable doing longer fasts early in the programme, for others it's a much slower journey. But everyone who has discovered the power of fasting during the programme is keen to do more. And fasting is way more fun when you're checking in with your fellow members throughout. And it's not just about the fasting... we have also got the feasting to balance it! Carb Dodging isn't about austerity! Join us for a cheese and wine evenings and other social events.

My plan is to build it to your needs

We've got big plans for The Carb Dodgers Club as we continue to build it around your needs and expand our team. We're planning to add more recipes and meal plans to the resource library and we're also looking at developing an exercise programme.

How much does this all cost?

The Carb Dodging Foundation Programme

This programme includes:

  • 9 weeks of group coaching sessions
  • 9 weeks of video trainings
  • Access to the Facebook support group
  • Weekly meal plans
  • Access to the Recipe Library


No other programme gives you access to this much value for just £21/ a week. That's less than a large Pepperoni Pizza (with extra onions) delivered - I just checked!

The Carb Dodgers Club

This exclusive alumni only membership includes:

  • Access to the Carb Dodgers Club Community
  • Coaching calls 2x a month
  • Group Fasting & Feast sessions
  • The Normal Price £27/month.

Special Launch Price


(This is the price you'll pay for life. This will never increase, ever!)

n.b. The Carb Dodgers Club will be billed 60 days after you join The Foundation Programme.

But hurry, registration closes in just...


Here’s what happens after you click the button...

  • You’ll be taken to a page where you can sign up for the programme...
    • You'll pay £197 today - that's your fee for The Carb Dodging Foundation Programme.
    • 60 days later you'll be charged £19 a month - that's for your membership of The Carb Dodgers Club. If you decide this isn't for you when you get to the end of the programme, no problem you can cancel this at any time.
  • You’ll pay with any major credit card to complete your enrolment. You're in!
  • Please note: If you're outside of the UK you may incur additional fees as a foreign currency transaction. This is something you'd need to talk to your bank / credit card company about.
  • On Sunday you’ll get an email with an invitation into the Facebook group. Then on Sunday night I'll be going live in that group to explain everything you need to know and answer ALL your questions (literally all of them....I'll be on as long as you need me).


Can I just join The Carb Dodgers Club?

No, this is only for graduates of the Foundation Programme. Everyone who has joined has the same knowledge base by this point. 

What if I don"t want to join the membership?

That's not a problem. Just send me an email in the final month of the programme and I'll make sure you don't get charged. 

Is this programme suitable for vegetarians / vegans?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the meal plans we are unable to accommodate diets which do not allow for animal products.

Im a fussy eater. What if I don't like the food?

You know if you're a fussy eater (you've probably had to tell people in the past). I'm happy to suggest minor alterations to the meal plans, but if know you're a fussy eater, and aren't open to trying new things, then this programme probably isn't for you.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes - If you don't get results and are logging your progress as you following the training. 

This course is my way of helping people who are being failed by our current medical system. I have been there and this is close to my heart.

I understand you may still have doubts, you have been optimistic before and felt like a fool when that diet failed.

This is why I will refund your payment if you don’t lose weight. Seriously. I haven't done my job if you don't lose weight in this programme - I am that confident that this will work for you. All you need to do is show up and take part.

Will I still have access to materials when the course ends?

When the course ends you'll still have access to all the course materials except the Recipe Library. I plan to grow and develop this over time and that requires an ongoing investment from me which the course fee doesn't cover.

The Facebook Group becomes archived at the end of the programme. That means you'll have access. 

If you choose to continue with membership of The Carb Dodgers Club, you will retain access to the recipes library as long as you're a member. You'll also be invited to a new facebook group where you'll join all the other members for more connections, learning, support and accountability. 

Got more questions...?

Great, cos I've got answers.... just hit reply to any of the emails I've sent you and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!